Secure file distribution
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EasyDocEx provides the safest and easiest way to distribute sensitive data to your client.

In the past, businesses have resorted to the U.S. Mail, Next Day delivery, or same day Courier service as the way to send and receive information between clients, partners and colleagues. When sending sensitive data, the  U.S. Mail, Next Day delivery, or same day Courier service cannot guarantee the security of your data nor who has access to it.

EasyDocEx provides a cost effective, enterprise-grade secure file transfer system that resolves this issue. You control who has access to your files and for what period of time. With our Guest Pass feature, you can provide on-demand file delivery to a single or even multiple recipients, even if they do not have an EasyDocEx account.

The following is an example of the amount of data which can be transferred through EasyDocEx in a single upload/download:

  • 2 - DVD-5 format disc which can store 4.7 gigabytes each.
  • 1 - DVD-9 format which can store 8.5 gigabytes.
  • 5000 novels (uncompressed at 200,000 words per novel).
  • 170 hours of MP3 music at 128 Kbit/s
  • 120 hours of Flash Video (at 450x370).

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