Secure file transfer
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Is email attachment size limitation creating a problem for your business?

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In the past, businesses have resorted to email as an efficient way to send and receive information between clients, partners and colleagues.  Unfortunately, as a way to control assets (bandwidth & mail storage), most IT departments and Internet Service Providers impose a 5-megabyte file limitation for their mail servers. So what happens when a partner's mail server or even your own rejects your message?

EasyDocEx provides a cost effective, enterprise-grade secure file transfer solution that will resolve this issue. Transferring or sharing documents with our EasyDocEx simplified interface is as easy as sending an email with an attachment. Unlike the email limitation, EasyDocEx users can transfer or share data files of any type as large as 12 GB's to a single or multiple recipients. More importantly, your data is fully protected end to end and will not upset your recipient like secure email systems.

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The following is an example of the amount of data which can be transferred through EasyDocEx in a single upload:

  • 2 - DVD-5 format disc which can store 4.7 gigabytes each.
  • 1 - DVD-9 format which can store 8.5 gigabytes.
  • 5000 novels (uncompressed at 200,000 words per novel).
  • 170 hours of MP3 music at 128 Kbit/s
  • 120 hours of Flash Video (at 450x370).

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