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EasyDocEx releases its third generation Guest Pass file sharing for its managed file transfer platform.

Dallas, Texas – August 26, 2009 – EasyDocEx announced today that it has released its third generation Guest Pass secure file delivery service for the EasyDocEx Managed File Transfer and Secure Data Portal solutions.

EasyDocEx has released its third generation Guest Pass access allowing EasyDocEx account holders to securely and easily deliver files as large as 12 gigabytes to non-account holders. This eliminates the multiple steps required to setup a user account, increases the speed of content delivery and is more secure than using email.

“Our Guest Pass is ground breaking as it allows an account holder to send single or multiple files fully encrypted to a single or multiple recipients” said EasyDocEx CTO Robert Warren. “Secure distribution of sensitive data has continued to be a problem in every company. No matter how large or small, companies posses data that must move outside of the company intranet between partners, clients or other locations. This data, if intercepted, would wreck havoc on their reputation. Our Guest Pass solves a large problem without the headaches and customer complaints generated by secure email or FTP systems.”

A June 2009 study by Osterman Research reports that the average worker sends and receives 44,700 e-mails per year, 29 percent of which have file attachments. Of those attachments, 45 percent are larger than 10 MB. In all, the traffic from each mailbox consumes 1.1 GB of storage annually. By contrast, sending files via EasyDocEx requires no storage, places minimal to no burden on IT infrastructure, stripping attachments from the network and delivering them through the Web.

EasyDocEx’s new; Guest Pass service delivers data files as large as 12 gigabytes on demand. The latest information about EasyDocEx can be found at

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EasyDocEx is a leading provider of Managed File Transfer and Secure Data Portal solutions. Our system simplifies and secures large file transfer over the Internet, and delivers superb visibility into the management of data exchange. EasyDocEx instantly and securely sends, receives and tracks valuable business content, everything from time-critical contracts, presentations and CAD files to important videos, graphics, photos and music. For more information please visit

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