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Our Security

At EasyDocEx, information security is of vital importance. Every precaution is taken to guarantee the safety of your data. Equipment and facilities are protected against fire, natural disasters, power failures, and other unexpected scenarios. We are strongly committed to protecting our customer's personal information. EasyDocEx's Internet services are designed with security technologies to protect data for both EasyDocEx and for you, our customer. To safe guard our client's data, we not only focus on the encryption of our network, but also take every step to assure only authorized parties can access the physical servers.

Access to the EasyDocEx data center is protected 24 hours a day. In order to gain entry into the data center, everyone must pass through three-factor authentication barriers. A security badge is required for entry/exit on all data center doors in the facility. Shifts patrol the data center and facility area regularly, and motion-sensitive cameras throughout the facilities track all data center activity. 

EasyDocEx utilizes Secure Socket Layer protocol (SSL) with 256-bit encryption to protect personal information sent or received through our EasyDocEx system and complies with the Federal Information Process Standard 140-2, Security Requirements for Cryptographic Modules. If your browser supports this, you will see https:// in the address bar indicating the pages are secure. This protocol is supported in the latest versions of the most popular web browsers, such as Firefox 3.0 and Microsoft's Internet Explorer. To assure that all web browsers provide the greatest level of security, EasyDocEx utilizes Server Gated Cryptography (SGC). Server Gated Cryptography provides the ability to 'up-rate' older browsers that are only capable of weak, 40-bit and 128-bit encryption to ultra-secure 256-bit encryption.

EasyDocEx's provides multiple layers of protection to comply with your standards of data security. Each layer of protection is designed to reinforce other layers as a comprehensive approach that protects data, authenticates users, provides access only to authorized information, and automatically produces a complete audit trail of users and access activities.

To provide additional protection, we employ a timeout feature on that automatically logs you out of your account after an extended period of time. Re-establishing and authenticating your credentials for your online session can help reduce the possibility of unauthorized access to your accounts.

EasyDocEx combines cutting-edge security technology, best practices and a team of certified senior-level professionals to help ensure that security. Using state-of-the-art traffic profiling and anomaly detection capabilities, we manage and secure our networks, pinpoint and troubleshoot network attacks, monitor our servers and applications, and analyze network security performance issues. Multiple levels of security (known as Defense in Depth) allow elevated levels of control for maintenance personnel without compromising security—including private network circuits for systems management and data and duplication for disaster recovery.

EasyDocEx takes network reliability and security to the next level. Load-balancing devices and the security infrastructure provide address anonymity with built-in safeguards to prevent “Denial of Service” (DoS) attacks and ID spoofing. We maximize our network security protection by adding Cisco Guard XT appliances and Arbor Peakflow protection against DoS attacks that could disrupt our network.

EasyDocEx’s data center located in Dallas Texas has been certified by an independent auditor to be SAS 70 Type II compliant. By devoting substantial time and resources to a SAS 70 audit, EasyDocEx assures you that our data center facility meets the highest standards in guaranteeing the safety and security of your data.

The Statement on Auditing Standards (SAS) No. 70, Service Organizations, is an internationally recognized auditing standard developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). A SAS 70 audit recognizes that a data center facility such as EasyDocEx has had an in-depth audit of its control activities conducted by an independent third-party auditor that includes a thorough review of all its controls over information technology and related processes. Passing a SAS 70 audit demonstrates to you, the customer, that we have established adequate controls and safeguards in our infrastructure.

EasyDocEx's security measures meet the requirements of corporate and government regulatory standards such as Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach Bliley, and HIPAA, thereby making your file communication processes compliant.

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