Secure Data Portal
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Share Files with Clients & Guests Share Files with Clients & Partners
EasyDocEx is an enterprise-class secure data portal enabling businesses to send, receive and store files via the internet.

Our secure data portal enables companies to manage file transfer and collaboration between its internal users, clients and partners.

EasyDocEx allows you to send and receive large files securely with anyone through the internet without the problems of traditional methods such as email attachments or FTP.

Our web-based solution is easy-to-use and intuitive, yet contains extensive features to provide uncompromising security and workflow efficiency.
EasyDocEx Secure Data Portal is a web-based file storage facility for your employees, clients and partners to access files at any time.

With portals, you have the ability to share files easily with guest users in and outside of your company who do not have an active EasyDocEx account.

Instead of making a one-time file transfer, portals provide the ability to share collections of files with authorized external users through a single access point.

Your authorized guests will then just go to your online portal to download files that are made available to them at their convenience.
secure file sharing Send & receive files of any type with anyone data security Increase operational efficiencies
large file transfer No account registration required for your clients or business partners data security Distribute large files instantly and securely with external guests
FTP replacement Custom-branded file exchange site managed file transfer Unlimited guest user accounts with permissions access control
managed file transfer End-to-end SSL encryption large file transfer Save incoming file transfers for sharing and collaboration
managed file transfer Recipient authentication settings large file transfer Windows Explorer directory structure for easy organization
managed file transfer Audit trail tracking & detailed reporting large file transfer Automatic file version tracking
managed file transfer Automatic file expiration control large file transfer Activity log, access record and file pickup confirmation
managed file transfer Management tools to manage multi-user accounts and configurations large file transfer Enhanced “drag & drop” capability for easy up and downloads
managed file transfer Enhanced “drag & drop” capability for easy up and downloads large file transfer Automated new file email notification
managed file transfer Reduces mailing and courier related costs large file transfer Cost effective - utilizes resources you already own
  Why worry about data security in and out of the enterprise?