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About the EasyDocEx Secure Data Portal

EasyDocEx's secure data portal provides the ability to securely send, receive or share files with anyone through an easy-to-use web interface. You simply login to your EasyDocEx account to upload a file which is as easy as sending an email with an attachment. Simply select a directory or folder, click the  upload button to upload your files. The recipient will receive an email notification with a link to download the files.

Service Features

Securely transfer files up to 12GB
Files are auto-zipped for data compression providing faster transfers
Upload, download or share multiple files with a single or multiple users
Guest Pass provides secure file sharing with non-EasyDocEx account holders
Cross platform compatible - Windows, Mac, Linux, Sun & IBM
100% Uptime Guarantee
Requires no end-user maintenance or updating
Requires no internal resources or bandwidth
Simple & easy to use Windows Explorer type interface
Multi user accounts
Upload/download notifications
Authentication & security measures such as 256 bit SSL data encryption, Server Gated Cryptography, unique download links, and file transfer expiration
Detailed audit reporting and tracking capabilities
Custom branding
Built in calendar for tracking virtually anything
Custom Messaging  allows displaying different data to different users

Secure Delivery of Files up to 12 gigabytes

EasyDocEx Secure File System is not constrained by sender or recipient email limitations such as size limits or inbox quotas. Securely transfer files up to 12 gigabytes with auto-zipped data compression for faster transfers. With  just a few clicks, files can be easily uploaded, downloaded or shared with a single or multiple user's.

EasyDocEx Guest Pass

The exclusive Guest Pass feature allows an EasyDocEx user to securely share a file(s) with a person or multiple people who do not have an EasyDocEx account.

Deploy EasyDocEx in mixed Operating System Environments

EasyDocEx's browser based interface allows for deployment on all Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, all versions of Linux, Sun and IBM operating systems.

EasyDocEx Standard for Service Guarantee
We understand the necessity of high availability to our customers and make every effort to provide services that consistently exceed your expectations. We offer the following levels of service to ensure maximum availability and performance not just during business hours, but 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our 100% uptime guarantee sets standards for service that is second to none.

Eliminate Maintenance, Bandwidth & IT Costs

Eliminate IT maintenance and updating expenses while eliminate network bottlenecks. Because EasyDocEx runs outside of your network, it reduces network traffic, mail server traffic and bandwidth.

Simple and Easy to Use

EasyDocEx offers an easy to use Windows Explorer interface that can be mastered in minutes allowing for faster implementation.

Multi User Accounts

EasyDocEx's unique interface allows a user to distribute different files to multiple users through one user account.

Automated Notifications

EasyDocEx provides automatic notification when files are uploaded or downloaded from your account.

Network and Data Security

EasyDocEx utilizes a state of the art SAS 70 Type II certified secure data center with user authentication. Every transaction utilizes the strongest available 256-bit SSL encryption. To ensure every user has the strongest the strongest data encryption, EasyDocEx utilizes Server Gated Cryptography  which 'up-rate' older browsers that are only capable of weak, 40-bit or 128-bit encryption to ultra-secure 256-bit encryption. Our security measures meet or exceed the requirements of corporate and government regulatory standards such as Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach Bliley, and HIPAA, thereby making your file communication processes compliant.

Detailed Reporting & Tracking

EasyDocEx provides detailed audit reporting including file upload, download, access and delivery tracking. 

Custom Branding

EasyDocEx will help build a customized file exchange site that can be branded with your logo and corporate identity to provide a consistent interface for your customers, vendors, and partners.

Built in Calendar and Custom Messaging

EasyDocEx Calendar and Messaging system provides tracking and reminders of important dates and the ability to show different messages to different people. Easy to use interface allows anyone who can use a text editor to add events or messages.

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