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Data Security Solutions for Your Business

EasyDocEx's world class, enterprise-level secure data system provides an easy to use and cost effective way to exchange and share information with your partners and clients. EasyDocEx provides a new level of workflow efficiency by allowing for immediate delivery of files, raw data or documents while eliminating costly items such as ground courier charges, next day air and postage. With EasyDocEx, you determine who has access to your data and eliminate the risk of data in transit being compromised.

To protect your company's image, you need nothing less than an enterprise-level solution built specifically with business needs in mind. There are consumer-focused file transfer and hosting providers today, but none of them are suitable for your business. Moreover, EasyDocEx provide's a 100% uptime guarantee to assure your system is ready when you need it.

Industry Solutions

Accounting Send and receive QuickBooks data, delivery of tax returns and financial statements. 256-bit SSL security encryption means sensitive files are safe from hackers and cyber thieves.  
Employee Benefits Send and receive census data, enrollment forms, tax returns & IRS testing reports. Securely send and receive benefit forms or contribution processing.
If you are a TPA, see how our TPA clients are saving big time and money while providing better data to their clients with our Secure Data Portal.
 Read how EasyDocEx can streamline your benefit administration.
Media Securely share raw video files, high-resolution photographs or artwork. Delivery of proofs to clients.
Financial Services Send and receive account forms and statements.
Legal Securely share sensitive case data with other colleagues or clients. 256-bit SSL security encryption means sensitive files are safe from hackers and cyber thieves.
Software Developers EasyDocEx is ideal for moving large data sets between development & production facilities.
Graphics Designers and Photographers Stop wrestling with massive files, quirky compression routines and burning CDs. Just upload your work to your account and with Guest Pass, let your clients know its there waiting for them.
Health Care Professionals Share files safely and easily with or Guest Pass feature. Our secure servers and custom password protection mean your important documents are always where you need them and safe from intruders. EasyDocEx will allow your organization to be HIPAA compliant.
Film Producers, Architects, Musicians Get approvals from your clients quickly with Guest Pass.  Giant files? No problem. Save time, hassle and money with Guest Pass. Eliminate the need to burn files to a DVD or CD.
Manufacturers / Engineers Send data, documents or any files quickly, safely and professionally to customers, vendors and colleagues. Works great if your sales force is on the road or your clients are far away.
Small Businesses If you need to send important documents or large files, Guest Pass is the easy, secure, cost effective and professional solution. Securely deliver files to a single or multiple persons on demand.

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