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Data Security Solutions for Third Party Adminsitrators and Benefit Consultants

EasyDocEx's world class, enterprise-level secure data portal was born out of the need by a national Third Party Administration firm to easily send, receive and store sensitive data such as census, year-end testing and tax returns dating back to 2001. In January 2006, the first commercial version of the EasyDocEx Secure Data Portal was released to a select group of financial services organizations. Our client base has now expanded to over 600 clients worldwide in all types of industries.

Having a long term relationship with Third Party Administrators, Record keepers and Benefit Consultants gives EasyDocEx a clear insight into the working of your organization. We know the pitfalls that are out there and how to avoid them when dealing with your clients data. With our easy to use interface, EasyDocEx provides an easy to use and cost effective way to exchange and share information with your partners and clients. EasyDocEx provides a new level of workflow efficiency by allowing for immediate delivery of files, raw data or documents while eliminating costly items such as ground courier charges, next day air and postage. With EasyDocEx, you determine who has access to your data and eliminate the risk of data in transit being compromised.

Our Secure Data Portal will provide your company with the technology used by some of the largest companies in your industry without the costs of equipment, bandwidth and IT frustration. As a hosted application, we maintain the system so your IT department will love it. With our typical directory structure, it functions like a remote network drive containing directories for your client data.

Our clients use EasyDocEx to:
Collect year-end testing data (census)
Deliver ADP/ACP reports direct to the client
Deliver Form 5500 direct to the client
Audit reports to plan auditor
Collect enrollment, beneficiary, or other forms
Track filing deadlines
Store documents, SPD & correspondence

What EasyDocEx does for our clients:
Increases’ efficiency through immediate data delivery
Eliminates expenses – postage, paper, envelopes, printer supplies & labor
Disaster recovery – records are offsite in case of a disaster
Secure, branded interface
Eliminates IT cost and headaches

Secure Data Portal

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